SofSera is researching and developing medical, industrial and cosmetic fields using hydroxyapatite nanoparticles manufactured by our worldwide original technology.

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Concerning Soft Ceramics

 As it can be assumed from its name, “soft ceramics” are ceramics with soft texture. Ceramics used for medical instruments are called bio ceramics. Hydroxyapatite is a type of bio ceramics and a component of teeth and bones. Therefore, hydroxyapatite has a bio affinity meaning that it is well-accepted in human bodies.
 On the other hand, bio ceramics are hard and brittle. If you drop a ceramic plate, it would be shattered into pieces, which is nature of the ceramics. Heretofore, bio ceramics have been used as materials to recover hard tissues such as teeth and bones. At the same time, they were unsuitable materials to be used for components to be applied to soft tissues like anti-infective catheter, which is indwelled into soft subcutaneous tissues.
 How can bio ceramics be applied to soft tissues? Our answer was soft and strong bio ceramics, which are soft ceramics.
 And then, we wondered how we can produce the soft ceramics. It was essential to develop single-crystal hydroxyapatite that was dispersed without aggregating on nanoscales. It was a big challenge for us, but we could accomplish this with our unique and original nanotechnology, Matrix-Assisted Calcination; Mac Method. We could develop the soft ceramics by coating the single-crystal hydroxyapatite to surface of soft materials through strong chemical bonding. We refer to this coating process as “Soft Nanoceramic Processing, Snap.” Now, it is possible to coat the hydroxyapatite not only to polymers but to metals.

What does “Sera” mean?

 As many of you know, “Que Sera Sera” was a big hit song by Doris Day and was used in a Hitchcock’s thriller film “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in 1956. “Que Sera Sera” is a Moroccan phrase meaning “Whatever will be, will be” and we thought the phrase as “Today’s effort leads us to our future success”, “Use the means and God will give the blessing” and “Leave your chances to God and he will open your way.” The simple but deeply meaningful phrase inspired us to establish our philosophy in developing the soft ceramics.

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