SofSera is researching and developing medical, industrial and cosmetic fields using hydroxyapatite nanoparticles manufactured by our worldwide original technology.

What's New

Technology of SofSera

Nano Particle Processing Technology and Complex Technology

We developed our original calcination method called matrix-assisted calcinations method to succeed in elaborating highly-dispersive nano-sized single crystal HAp, which was impossible by conventional process. Also, we possess a complex technology with which the HAp characteristics can be given to various materials.

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Product of SofSera

Product Development using SHAp, a Calcined Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle

SHAp is a calcined hydroxyapatite nano particle developed by our original technology. And, use of SHAp as a material for medical devices and cosmetics is proposed.



Since SHAp is manufactured by strict manufacturing and quality control system,it can be applied as a safe and high quality material.



We sell hydroxyapatite particles as research reagent. We hope you will use it as your research material.



Hydroxyapatite is the main component of teeth and bones and it is not only widely used in orthopedic or dental applications, but also used in cosmetics or industrial products. Our unique technology enabled to produce nanosized hydroxyapatite(=nanoceramics).


Approach of SofSera

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SofSera is dedicated to improving Quality of Life in various lives by providing advanced technology in its finest condition.

Our Business

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We can offer other applications of SHAp and the composition to meet your demands.Please feel free to contact us for details.